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What a crazy day at work! And at home…I’ve really only stopped to watch the end of the Bachelor.  Ali cried enough for me to go tearless for a few weeks..sheesh.

So after a kick-my-butt Fitnessista workout plus 10 minutes on each of the treadmill, elliptical and bike (I had an ADHD-style workout today), I came home and started on dinner.

The only protein in the house was half a bag of frozen shrimpies, and I was definitely feeling too lazy to make any type of grocery store run.  So what’s a girl to do — the Seafood Pasta Bowl was born.


Whole Wheat Thin Spaghetti
Steamed Zucchini
And some Pesto Lovin’

My favorite vegetable ever.

 Anyone else have some major love for zucchini? [Although, I feel that it should have one c and two n’s…..so strange.]

The magic defroster.

My “oops I forgot to defrost in the fridge” method.  Run some semi-warm water and insert shrimp into a plastic bag.  Works like a charm.

I promise Iwas gentle.

Now it’s shower time, but first I must make my selections for my Survivor Fantasy team.  I know, I sound like I’m 45 — but really, who can hate Survivor?  I’m playing with a group of my mom’s friends [ maybe I really am acting that old….], but I also think I’m gonna enter a “team” or whatever that means on the CBS Web site. 

Question: Any Survivor fans out there?  What are you predictions for this season?