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I love breakfast – it’s probably my favorite meal of the day.  There’s not one breakfast food I despise except Egg’s Benedict.

I also love sleep.  This means I usually don’t have time to eat breakfast at home, but rather I have to throw a few things together and eat it at the office. [insert bagels, yogurt, toasted pb and banana sandwich]

This morning I was able to go into work an hour late because I stayed past 5 p.m. yesterday for a video shoot.

A full, hot breakfast…before work??  “I’m making this count.”

No – I didn’t get my Denny’s Grand Slam, but I did get a steaming bowl of oatmeal and a side of bacon from my favorite breakfast place in Lubbock, the Apple Tree Café & Bakery.

Other breakfast menu items to try at the Apple Tree:
     Deluxe Breakfast Burrito: Potatoes, Bacon (or sausage), Onions, Peppers and Eggs all wrapped up and served with the best hot sauce in town. [Cheese also can be added, but I’m just not a cheese in my breakfast burrito kind of fan.]
     A Short-Stack of Pancakes
     Biscuits and Gravy – some of the best I’ve ever had.
     And if you want the whammy of ‘em all – the Cinnamon Roll.

Go check it out – it’s in Mission Plaza just west of the United at 50th and Indiana.

Disclaimer: My boyfriend’s Dad may own the place – but they seriously have some good food.

Other than my 8 a.m. heaven, food was pretty bland and normal today.

Thank you colored plate.

Dinner was a Turkey & Swiss Panini and a side of Mustard with a Peanut Butter Stuffed Banana.  I promise I did eat some vibrant colored food for lunch.

I use small George Foreman Grill for Paninis, and I love it. No cooking spray required.  Just place the bread and sandwich insides on the grill and let it do its job.

Some wonderful points made by the First Lady here. Completely agree.
I’m living vicariously through Meghann and Tina right now. Cake-decorating for a good cause? And the Cake Boss is teaching you how? And Kelly Ripa is hanging out too? So fun!