Why does today feel like Thursday?  Today, I kept referring to tomorrow as Friday – I’m pretty sure at least three people corrected me.  I guess I’m just trying to hurry the week along, so I can spend some much needed time with family!  Nick and I are traveling to my hometown this weekend. It’s called White Deer, and it’s in the Texas Panhandle, and I doubt you’ve heard of it.  I think it’s pretty awesome though. [In small amounts of course.]

Also awesome…these cookies.


Sunday I made Lemon Ricotta Cookies to take as a dessert over to Nick’s parent’s house.  I had a 15 oz. tub of ricotta in the fridge and planned to use only 1/4 cup in a weeknight dinner (the penne dish from last night).  So, I decided to try ricotta in dessert-form, and I loved it!

A few recipes changes:
Halved entire recipe
Used low-fat ricotta instead of full
Used an ice cream scooper to spoon the cookies on the baking sheet
Added on an additional step: Taste-test cookies before passing out to family

This is definitely a keeper!  The cookies are so light, airy and flavorful.  The lemon pinches your mouth with a taste of summer.  Will be adding to my recently created “Tried and True” Recipe Favorite Link folder.

I also got a new toy to test this recipe.

$15 hand-mixer with self-containing stand.  What more do you need?  

A pretty free-standing Kitchen Aid would be nice….

But, don’t have a pity party for me because Nick and I just booked a flight to Mexico along with an electricity-free (past 10 p.m.) cabana on the beach


Something along the lines of this.  Just steps from the ocean.  I’m stoked.

We’re spending four nights in Tulum, Mexico in the middle of April!  Looking forward to this.



And this…


And the fact that our “hotel” does not even have a phone.

I’m close to starting a countdown…

Back to the subject of food, Where do you keep all of your online recipes?  I just recently came up with the bright idea (don’t know why it has taken me so long) to add them to a favorites page folder in Internet Explorer…I’m all about categorizing and color-coding, so I’ll probably go overboard with this project.  Organizational tools (folders, labels, color-coding my emails) are my favorite pieces of office playground equipment.  Runners-up are purple pens, promotional product samples and colored sticky-tabs.