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All day I’ve had this empty stomach feeling – almost like I’m so hungry it hurts.  I’ve had a pretty normal day of food though, with one abnormal craving thrown in.

Before lunch I knew all I wanted was a juicy hamburger, but I needed to go home and grab workout clothes, so I ended up eating a grilled turkey sandwich thinking it would cure my craving.

No such luck.

After a great sweat at Groove (I had to find this on You Tube – the Bodyworks instructors are nothing like that thank god), I came home to persuade Nick for a burger night-out.  Not much persuading to be done though because I knew he would jump at the chance.  I hardly ever request a hamburger.

We decided to go to Blue Sky.  I’ve only been to the Lubbock location once before, but I’ve been to the one in Amarillo countless times.  They have mouth-watering hamburgers and fries and a pretty neat Texas-style menu (think Frito pie and fried Anaheim pepper strips).

I got a hamburger with your normal condiments and added grilled jalapenos. Mouth watering.

Their buns are the best part – toasted to perfection.

Nick twisted my arm into sharing an order of the cheese fries.  We asked for a half-order, but I guess they thought we looked really hungry because we must have gotten a full order!  This was bigger than my face!

Sometimes a night of hamburgers and cheese fries is needed.  I definitely don’t have an empty stomach anymore.

Monday afternoon snack – SBD Protein PB bar with a kiwi.  I ate the furry skin on the kiwi – the food blog world has opened my eyes.  Before, I guess I always just thought it was bad to eat?! Maybe I thought it would kill me.  It’s actually pretty tangy.  Go ahead and eat the fur – you know you want to.

Today’s afternoon snack – Diet Dr. Pepper with 5 saltines smeared with PB.  I was gonna add a grapefruit, but didn’t want to get the juice all over my desk.  Perhaps tomorrow.  I try to only have DDP twice a week, which is so much better than my once-a-day coke zero/diet coke addiction in college.  Today I was dragging and it sounded good, so I went for it.

Who’s done their census!?

Census 2010 captured in the moment – catch ya in 10 for 2020.

I wish the census had the following worthwhile questions:
– What’s your favorite color?
– Favorite day of the week?
– Animals in household?
– Do you have your dream job?
– Classify yourself as a vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, pescatarian, raw foodist, or everythingtarian?