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I haven’t been feeling well lately – gloomy start to the post, I know.

My self-diagnosis is that my gallbladder has been inflamed since Tuesday.  Remember how I said that it felt like I was so hungry it hurt?  Well, that was really my stomach hurting, and it hasn’t really subsided either.  It’s not a crippling pain, just a constant ache – but good news, today I’m about 50% better!

I wasn’t going to let this stomach pain ruin my St. Patrick’s Day!

I started yesterday morning with a green drink.

001 Green Monster while driving to work.

And ended the day with a green drink.

003 Green beer = successful St. Patty’s Day.

Today my eats have been a little more balanced – I’ve been eating smaller, more frequent meals/snacks to see if it will help ease the pain.

More balanced than green beer, but still as odd.

Lunch time came and all I could think about was a PB + J, but I wanted something hot and comforting that would keep me full through my hectic workday.

PB + Jelly Oats! Just .5 cup oats with .75 cup water and a big dollop of PB and Jelly.

Wonderful.  I also ate some cheesy baked ruffles because I wanted something salty with all that sweet/savory.

My afternoon snack was half of this guy, which has a great flavor – I think this is my first time trying it and I love it! I also had a morning snack today.  The snack idea is taking off.  Although it was a tad awkward, I did manage to eat an entire small grapefruit sliced like an orange at my desk without spewing juice all over my keyboard and myself. Score.
Dinner was “Battle of the Best Pizza Toppings.”

In one corner – my go-to pizza topping – turkey pepperoni.

In the other corner – zucchini and bell peppers with mozzarella and pesto as the base.

It was a tied match. Both so so good.  I baked these on a pita sliced down the middle for about 15 minutes at 425*.

Using pitas as a pizza crust is so easy!  We buy pitas and turkey pepperoni every week at the store – it’s definitely a staple at our house.

I’m off to read blogs…Google Reader is at 1000 with a + sign.  Crazy!

Blog I’m loving right now – Hangry Pants
Mark and Heather are both posting every single thing they eat this week, and Mark’s posts seriously make me laugh out loud.  I love it so much that I kind of want to make Nick do this.  Maybe after we run out of those Chick-fil-A coupons though.