Five words: thin-crust, turkey-bacon, feta, pecan, pizza.

This was the starting line-up of my lunch at West Crust yesterday.  Nick and I had planned a lunch date, but he wanted to first spend three hours tackling the grass jungle known as our back and front yards.  These pretty flowers are now gone….I told him that he could leave them.

If weeds are pretty are they really considered weeds?  It doesn’t help that my favorite color is purple…at least they will come back! 🙂

Back to lunch – We ordered one pizza with two different halves: the Hill Country and the Americana.

As taken from the online menu:
Hill Country – Turkey bacon, glazed pecans, mozzarella, feta, cracked red pepper, red onions and olive oil.

Americana – Pepperoni, thinly slice poblano peppers, black olives, portabella mushrooms and red sauce.


Left-side: Hill Country Right-side: Americana

The two arrangements complimented each other well.  The Hill Country was sweet and savory and the Americana was sporting some spicy, meaty flavors.  My favorite was definitely the Hill Country.  It was actually a pretty light pizza – not greasy at all. The pecans were amazing, and I had been craving feta for a good three weeks.

I love the atmosphere of West Crust.  It’s so warm and friendly that I almost feel as if I just dropped in from the boardwalk.  As an added bonus, we also got a 20 percent discount from a special they were running through their twitter page. I love a bargain, so of course this won my heart over. 

You learn something every day…
Want to know where your milk or other dairy products come from?  Go to whereismymilkfrom.com.  I just tried it, and my milk was bottled in Lubbock – good to know it didn’t travel a long way to get to me.  If only it would tell me the location of the cow the milk came from.

Remember to take a minute to smell the flowers today…