Today was vacation detox.

I did the usual.  Made eggs + bacon + toast for Nick before sending him off to work.  Organized piles of knick-knacks and then put them in their respective homes. Laundried.  Sunbathed with Harry Potter for 40 minutes on the balcony.  Realized I needed to get out of the sun before I turned into a lobster (just like Cinderella – replace carriage with skin and pumpkin with lobster). Couched with Harry Potter. Sweaty yoga for an hour. Bathed. Returned over-due library books (note: they have put a hold on my online renewal. this is not good.) Shopped at Old Navy – finally found cute black ballet flats after six months of searching. 

Busy day! Milo did this.

After I calmed down from ballet flat excitement, Nick and I headed to Abuelo’s.  Vacation detox came in the form of Mexican food, the American way.

Swirly Sangria Margarita – not found in Tulum, Mexico.  I actually never saw a frozen margarita while on vacation.  This one is amazing though. 

Chips and the best salsa ever. Also not found in Tulum.  If we requested chips and salsa, we were served with thick fried tortilla chips and pico de gallo. 

I ordered the Renosya Salad which had greens, tomatoes, chili con carne, pinto beans, cheese and a big dollop of guacamole.  Served with fried flour tortilla wedges and a side of queso. Great deconstructed taco salad.  I didn’t see an abundance of leafy greens in Tulum, but I did see a lot of cabbage.

Lunch already prepared for tomorrow. Score.

Nick and I then went on a nature walk.

Today was definitely a relaxing way to slide back into a routine.  Tulum Recap this week.  Have a great Sunday night!