So…you wanna go on vacation to Mexico?

Let me recommend Tulum!  Our time spent there – really just three days because of travel time – was amazing.  I never felt like I was in danger.  The locals were so nice.

We flew into Cancan via American/Mexicana airlines and then made our way to pick up our rental car.  We used Easy Way Rentals, and they were great!

We drove about 2 hours south in the rain.  Some flooded streets driving through Playa del Carmen might have heightened the tension, but as soon as we started eyeing signs for Tulum the excitement was there!

While on the subject of driving in Mexico, I’ll share a few things we learned.  Yes, everyone drives over the speed limit.  We kept it nice and slow and stayed under the speed limit most of the time, so we wouldn’t even chance getting pulled over.  Also, the topes (speed bumps in the middle of the highway) aren’t as bad as they were made out to be.  We were always given plenty of warning to slow down.  The key is to just pay attention.

We finally arrived in Tulum and found our gorgeous cabana!  We stayed at Cabanas la Conchita, which was so wonderful. 

DSC03267 The outside “foyer.”

DSC03269 Outside of our cabana – I miss the hammock!

DSC03355 Inside – the picture just really doesn’t do it justice.

We had the screened windows open every second that we were there.  You could hear, taste and feel the ocean inside the room.  We only had electricity from a generator from 7 – 11 p.m.  I didn’t even bring a hair dryer on the trip! It was amazing.  After 11 p.m., we used candlelight – It was very rustic and romantic.

We had read about the amazing complimentary breakfast buffet that our cabana served.  Most of the other cabanas didn’t have any form of breakfast, so we were very excited about it.

They didn’t mention it came with an ocean view…

DSC03372 and a cute boy stuffing his face. Breakfast course 1 – yogurt, granola, pineapple, mango, cantaloupe, orange juice and coffee.

DSC03374 Breakfast course 2 – French toast and a side of waves.

Breakfast was served from 8 – 9:30 a.m., and surprisingly, we were up with stomachs grumbling right at 8 a.m. each day.  I wanted to give all the cooks a hug by the end of our stay.  They were wonderful.

We made plenty of time for the ocean, mainly because it was just calling our names all day.


We managed to use an ENTIRE bottle of SPF 35 spray sunscreen the first day…and still got burned.  Pale skin is brutal sometimes. Lesson learned – no spray and always higher than 55.

Next installment – Lunch in town with the locals, more beach time, and conquering my fear of mossy ponds.