Dinners in Tulum are an experience worth discussing.  After traveling the entire day, we decided to do something low-key for dinner in walking distance of our cabana.  Another great thing about the beach road cabanas is that most have restaurants, all really close together.  We walked down the road a little ways to Zamas.  We heard live music and the ocean.  I was in heaven!

DSC03235 Margarita for Nick & a Banana Daiquiri for me



Nick & I shared poblano enchiladas and a margherita pizza with prosciutto. 

This was the restaurant in daylight….we could hear the ocean, but not see it at dinner.

Another night we went to Mezzanine [click for amazing photos], a posh Thai restaurant with a great ocean view.

I started with a girly drink.

DSC03365If you like pina coladas….”

DSC03364 Crab wontons.

DSC03367 The freshest Pad Thai I’ve ever taste.  Can the soupy stuff I get down the street be this good??? Please?

Sonia asked if Tulum is vegetarian friendly.  I would say definitely, with the exception of a few local places – i.e. the chicken grill from the previous post.  There was such a range of delicious food.  I would never tire of eating out in Tulum, although my bank account might suffer.  Prices were comparable to eating in a larger city – pretty presentation comes with a pretty price.

Final Recap tomorrow – I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about this vacation by now, but I have more pictures to share.