So I’ve dedicated a lot of blog space to my Tulum vacation.  I’ve talked about sleeping in cabanas near the ocean, eating delicious local lunches, and having a culinary awakening along the beach.  I think it’s apparent that I fell in love with the ocean view, and would be distraught if you picked to vacation anywhere other than Tulum, Mexico.

So – because I know you are planning to go now – I’ve created a list of do’s and don’ts.  These are things that I was either uneasy or unsure of, or maybe something I just didn’t think about before the trip.

But first, more pictures.


Because Nick has my “kid” snorkel-set on.

48980009 Deserted beach off hidden road. I’m in.

DSC03277 23-year-old with boogie-boarding stamina.

DSC03383Obsession with iguanas…they were friendly.

DSC03271  Amazing.

Do –
Rent a car.
Explore the grocery store.
Dine where no one speaks English.
Buy an iguana magnet to commemorate your journey.
Order a banana daiquiri whenever you want.
Swim in a cenote.
Research restaurants.
Pay with your Credit Card – it’s widely accepted on beach road, not so much in the pueblo.
Drive the speed limit.
Search online for a preview of road signs – Loco Gringo is a great resource.
Have a Corona at 11 a.m. because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.
Read three books, and mail one back to the cabana owner who graciously let you borrow it out of his collection, because sometimes it’s hard to part with a book once it’s sucked you in.

Don’t –
Book the cheap flight – a direct flight is worth much more than the money you save laying over in Mexico City. [Plan vacation WAY in advanced, that way flights are still reasonable.]
Take a guided tour of the ruins – We drove ourselves, walked around with the throngs of tourists, took photos, and left when we wanted to.  We even read the “historical markers.”  In under an hour and a half.
Worry about getting in your cardio – playing in the waves is much more of a workout anyway.
Be skeptical of locals, but also don’t be naive.  Heavy watchful eyes are only really needed when filling up with gas.  We were never shortchanged, but I have heard stories.
Exchange dollars until Mexico – The best rates without fees were actually in the Mexico City Airport.

What we didn’t have time for, but should have done –
Explored the Sian Kaan.
Took a guided snorkeling tour.
Yoga class.
Traded in our return flight for an extra week stay.

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