It’s perfectly normal to spend a weekend in an unfamiliar city with 200-ish people you only know from reading about their lives, right? 

I think it is, but I may be crazy.

Healthy. Living. Summit. 2010.

This event is like the Superbowl of the food/healthy living blog world.  Only in its second year, tickets sold out in 12 minutes. Well, the website had a minor glitch, which Caitlin referred to as a “hanging chad,” but we won’t bother discussing that. Twelve minutes is pretty amazing.  Even more amazing – the 55 person ticket wait list.

In August I will be heading to fresh and exciting Chicago to spend a weekend with some awesome bloggers.  The HLS agenda makes me smile, so much that I wish I was Hermoine and could  use a time turner to attend both tracks at once.

I’m still working my way through Harry Potter, by the way.  All this quidditch talk at the beginning of book four is just not exciting.

Anyways – I’m so blessed that I’m able to take advantage of opportunities like this, even if the pricing of flights out of Lubbock is annoying.

Let’s talk about what happens when, as an avid lifetime celery despiser, you try to talk yourself into liking celery.

Ants on a log sounded like a good idea, until I realized licking the PB off the celery tasted much better.  You win some, you lose some.

Celery might be the only vegetable I really can’t stand.  I have a weird relationship with cucumbers, too.  But say zucchini and my mouth waters.

Anyone out there attending the HLS?  I can’t wait to meet everyone!