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We make decisions every minute of our lives: to get up early for work or hit the snooze-button for the third time (guilty of latter), to pack nutritious meals to eat throughout the day or to rely on office leftovers for breakfast and lunch (the latter – thank you awesome office parties), to restock on essentials at the grocery store or to watch the Biggest Loser finale (again, the latter – they look SO happy.)

Food decisions can make a large impact on lives – no pun intended.  I know there is a direct correlation between what I eat/drink and how I feel – it’s amazing.  Though, there are many times when it’s hard for me to decide want I want to eat.  When so many things sound good – hummus, peanut butter, spinach, ice cream, PB Puffins – I channel Snackface, make a snack plate and the world is right.

But tonight, when I made 2010’s quickest dinner decision, I jumped on and didn’t hold back.

Whole-Wheat Coconut Pancakes

Serves 2
Adapted from OSG’s Healthy Spelt Pancakes for One
1 cup WW flour
2 t. baking powder
.5 t. cinnamon
dash salt
2 T. unsweetened coconut
.5 t. vanilla
1 cup almond milk (I used Original Almond Breeze)

Mix ingredients, spoon batter in 2-3 T. circles onto heated skillet, cook until top is bubbly, flip pancake and allow other side to brown.

After my belly was full, I realized this would have been vegan without my added yogurt icing.  Oh well – not my true intent, just a bonus.

As usual, these pancakes lacked staying power. Three hours later and I was ready for a snack.  I ordered Sun Warrior protein powder last night, which will be a great addition to these pancakes in the future.

I’ve thought about toying with a weekly meal planner.  I haven’t done this yet because, honestly, I’m super organized in all parts of my life except food.  And I like it this way.  Knowing what I’ll be eating for Thursday lunch on Sunday afternoon just does not appeal to me, but maybe I would eat more rounded meals and efficiently pack my lunch for work if I planned.

Do you meal plan?