French toast.  One of life’s simply pleasures.

The first time I experienced the greatness of French toast, I was probably eight or nine-years-old. I had a wonderful summer babysitter, who said one morning – “Let’s have French toast for breakfast!”

I knew I liked toast….but soaking it in egg and milk?  I was skeptical.

My fondness of French toast began that day, and I may dare say it’s my favorite breakfast food, but can you really just settle for ONE favorite?

That summer was also filled with a chalk-o-paloozza where my parent’s driveway was turned into hopscotch/name writing madness.  The babysitter drew my name so big, I could fit into the K.  Impressive.  She also made me edible play dough.  Every kid’s dream.

Thank you to all the babysitters out there who open children’s eyes to wonderful creations. 

Back to my French toast.  This is two Arnold’s whole wheat slices (one is the loaf butt – my favorite!) with a mixture of 1 egg, 1 white, 1 T. milk, splash of vanilla and 2 shakes cinnamon.  The vanilla makes all the difference.  I had egg mixture leftover, so I just poured it onto the bread in the skillet, which created conjoined French toast.  Even better.

What’s your favorite added ingredient in a French toast egg mixture?

Today I will:
– Finish Book 4 of Harry Potter so I can move onto my other 6 books in queue
– Trip to Target + DSW + Ulta if I work up the spending urge
– Go golfing! In the 108* sun! The joy!

I’m wearing my 70 SPF today so I won’t be too torched to type!