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This was seriously Ferris Bueller’s Day of Great Food.

Breakfast – I experimented with Chia seeds  (Yes, related to the Chia pet – I might need to get one to mark this momentous step) for the first time in my overnight oats.  Why have I not picked up on this habit sooner?  I couldn’t taste them, but my oats were definitely more gelled than ever before.  And you can’t say no to their nutritional stats.  According to Wikipedia, they are comprised of 20% protein, 34% oil – (ALA), 25% dietary fiber and antioxidants.

Sorry no overnight oats photo – I topped with frozen raspberries, which melted and turned into a murder scene.  But they contained:

.5 cup oats
.5 cup plain yogurt
.5 cup water
1 t. brown sugar
.5 T. chia seeds

Mixed together and placed in fridge overnight.  Massacred (in a good way) with said topping.

Lunch – Grilled Smoked Gouda and Grape Jelly Sandwich on Arnold Double Fiber Bread.  Go make this now.  With any non cheddar cheese and any jam.  It’s a Monte Cristo without the meat and fried batter. Delicious.  I also had some random zucchini casserole that’s peeking in on the left…still trying to decide if I like it enough to share the recipe.

Dinner started with some grilled veggies.  Half an onion and bell pepper with a carton of sliced mushrooms sautéed in Worcestershire until tender.  My opening idea was to top a sweet potato with the vegetables – but, when veggies end up on the side and all you want is butter on your sweet potato and you open the fridge aghast to find not a trace of butter, your mind will resort to unheard-of things.

Unheard-of, maybe, but not inedible.  More enjoyable than anything.

Sweet potato with a pat of peanut butter and a drizzle of maple syrup.

I’ve seen cheetah’s, nut butter crusted fries, and peanut butter spread over anything and everything in the blog world, but I have never seen this. 

The taste of a baked sweet potato is wonderful without any topping, but peanut butter adds such a creamy richness that I’m pretty positive I’ll never go back.

What food knocked your socks off today? 

If you noticed my lack of meat lately, you probably know what I’m about to say.  I’m eating vegetarian for June.  Mainly, I just wanted to see if I craved meat, and seven days in, my answer is no.  I might have a predicament in week three of no meat, mainly because I will be on travel for work in the Northeast, and I’m not sure I can pass up fresh seafood.