I might be the slowest cake eater ever.


Fourth attempt.  Frozen cake.  Piece started out as big as my face.  Making good progress.  Should finish by Friday.

I might be in love with a recent gift.

Sorry about the blurriness.  His arm is just moving too fast.  Slow down energizer kitty!

I have a weird fascination with small, ceramic things.  Right now it’s gnomes and time-keeping cats.  Please start an intervention if I ever talk about decorating with porcelain dolls.

So the story behind the cat – Nick was in Midland/Odessa, TX (don’t bother Googling it – think Friday Night Lights) and I was in Boston, MA, both for work.  I jokingly asked if he got me a gift – actually I was just feeling bad because I never found a good enough gift for him (My best option was a shot glass from Cheers, and we already have 13 sitting on a kitchen shelf).  The day we were both traveling back home, he – verbatim – told me I would “pee my pants” when I saw the gift he got me.

At least I know he listens…I squeal with delight every time I see the strange creatures in Asian restaurants.  They’re cute in a happy, creepy way.

I know…you don’t have to tell me I’m weird.

Yes, I was at a work seminar in Boston for four days last week.

We got in a lot of sight-seeing and shopping in the hours not taken up by the workshop.  I love Boston.  Maybe even more than DC, and I lived there for four months!

I enjoy pedestrian friendly cities so much.  We stayed in an area that was so close to the Freedom Trail and had many fun things to explore! 

So the food in Boston?  That’s a confession for another day….

See you tomorrow, sweet-cakes.