I was in Austin this weekend, but I didn’t take but three pictures.  I was too busy “being” in the picture.  I floated the San Marcos River with seven others and came back home with a battle wound from rocks/rapids in the river.  You haven’t lived until you’re thrown out of a tube with a beer in one hand and the other hand frantically searching for the sunglasses on your head….all to be whirled to the bottom of the river and scraped up against many large, sharp rocks.  I might be a little scarred. Literally.

Between going out and throwing it down on the river, I managed to eat a vegetarian diet.  I was pretty proud of myself, though the days before this weekend were a little shaky in vegetarian land.  Remember when I said I wanted to eat vegetarian for June?

Seafood in Boston – because I had to! The salmon was so fresh, as was every other piece of fish I tasted.
A bacon-wrapped shrimp at a Saturday evening wedding reception, 3 actually – because I had just gotten back from Boston and wanted stay on the East Coast for a day longer in my mind.
Spicy chicken sausage – because I cooked Nick dinner and it smelled good and I was hungry.  It was “free-range” chicken that fed on a vegetarian-diet.  At least I feel better about my chicken friend.
Last, but not least – a taste of a chicken salad cresent roll magic wrap that smelled amazing, but I immediately regretted it and just ate the cresent roll.

Whew – confessions feel good.

Now I know why Catholics talk it up.

I had lentils, brown rice and broccoli for dinner.  I tried to make my lentils mongolian-style.  Let’s just say I’m still perfecting that recipe.

I do have pictures from an afternoon at the park a few weekends ago – Enjoy!








Thanks for the cool cooler, Dad!