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I’ve had lentils for dinner and lunch a few times this week.  I blogged about my Mongolian lentils, but didn’t reveal the recipe because they really weren’t all that great.  Maybe I should have spent more time perfecting the flavor instead of just mixing soy sauce and brown sugar into lentils?  Sometimes my hunger overtakes my Top Chef musings.

Yesterday I had Mexican lentils for lunch.

There are lentils under the pepper jack cheese and  Red Hot Blues chips, I promise!

Tonight was use what’s in the fridge night.  Which meant lentils, and a small container of spaghetti sauce, and some garden-fresh squash/zucchini! (why can I never spell zucchini right on the first try?)

A few days ago at work, some nice man dropped off a few vegetables from his garden.  There were maybe three zucchinis (nope didn’t get it this time either..I have to remember the two c’s!) in a bag full of squash, which is why you see a strange ratio here.  I felt like I should share the wealth with other zucchini (got it!) lovers.

All chopped up.  Random – do you have a favorite knife?  Pictured is mine – he cuts up anything and everything.  I think it’s a fish filleting knife?  Out of my drawer full of 20+ random knives, I use this one for everything.

On the George.  Ugh – cleaning this thing is a beast of a job.  I use it once every three months because once I use it, I remember how horrible it is.

For my Italian lentils, I simply mixed in about .25 cup red sauce with .75 cup or so cooked lentils.  I tried cooking my lentils plain with water this time, and they actually are pretty tasty like this!

And then topped with feta. Because feta makes it betta.

Can I please be a feta blog advocate?  I would have zero problems advocating why you should eat feta on everything.

Probably like I would have zero problems with lentils for life.