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I’m back from South Carolina!

Oh, you didn’t know I was gone??

Sorry about that…between laundry, cleaning, work, mani/pedi, checking out four library books and overpacking a good three weeks worth of clothes I was swamped and in need of some time sans technology.

I spent a relaxing week in Edisto Island, SC, with Nick’s family.  The group consisted of grandparents, an aunt and uncle and cousins, all from Georgia and all who we do not get to spend much time with.  Also along for the ride were Nick’s parents and sister.  Add the sister’s boyfriend from London and you have a happy, accent-confused bunch.

This vacation was good for the soul.  My daily objective was to read on the beach, hence the four library books.  We also went on scenic island bike rides, had a throwdown with the waves (waves won), dolphin-spotted, mastered the layout of the Piggly Wiggly, practice our Guesstures skills, took long walks on the beach, perfected the Southern accent, and ate a lot of good food.  I tried boiled peanuts for the first time and loved them, but I also tried fresh boil and peel shrimp, which was not appetizing.

Nick spent a ton of time fishing.  I found him here one sunset.

And in the same place the next sunrise.

We went into Charleston one day (Edisto Island is about 45 minutes out) and did some sight-seeing.  We took a buggy tour, and our guide claimed to be Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s best friend. 

He was entertaining.  Two thumbs up.

We also walked around the city and ate a late lunch ate a great restaurant, which I do not have photos of.

Favorite Charleston photos:

DSC03842 My future home.


I’ll share more photos when I get them from other people…I’m bad about taking photos of scenery and not myself.

Dinner tonight made happy.

Whole-wheat tortilla with peanut butter and defrosted peaches.

Green Monster – half a frozen extra-large banana, three big handfuls of spinach and almond milk/water mix. 

Currently snacking on popcorn….life is good.