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So I’ve had a little bit of both beer and eggs since we’ve last talked.

Dinner tonight –

Eggs, Biscuits & Gravy, Bacon & Strawberries topped off with a Dos Equis.

Sunday Dinner –

Egg, Gouda & Avocado Grilled Wrap inspired by Heather.

When heated the avocado turns really melty, which makes for a wonderful sandwich addition…not even sure if I would miss the cheese!

This was devoured before watching Inception, which I give an 8/10.  It was pretty awesome, but I’ve been picking up my whisk lately to make sure this is real life and not a dream.  It’s totally one of those unexplainable movies.  Upon arriving home, I immediately Googled “Inception ending” if that explains it at all.  And I don’t think I saw one person get up and go to the bathroom in the last hour.

Saturday Night –

Pat Green rocked it.

Taylor, Nick and I enjoyed it.

So much that we felt the need to “Theta-kite” the queso?

But, when ol’ Pat gives you an on-stage shout-out, you have every right to Theta-kite the queso, right Taylor?

Don’t worry – I egg’d him on.