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After a long weekend of eating out while I was in Austin, TX, all I wanted for lunch yesterday was fresh veggies and hummus.

Sometime it’s a good thing to leave fresh vegetables in the fridge when going out of town for the weekend.  I was trying to finish everything, but with an ambitious zucchini purchase last week there was zero percent chance of finishing my supply.  I think the zucchini are cloning in my fridge, too.  Not complaining.

I have a weird relationship with tomatoes.  I like the crunch and the taste, but just not the gooey insides.  Problem solved = Quarter one tomato and then hold the slices under running water while forcing the gunk out of the inside.  Replace gooey insides with feta and sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper.  These might be my best spur-of-the-moment kitchen creation yet.

After eating a light lunch, working until 5 p.m. and then hitting the gym for 35 minutes cardio and a small arm/ab workout, I was starving.  I think Nick wanted more than vegetables for dinner, though, so we trekked to the grocery store.

I didn’t purchase everything in sight, although I think most of that is due to the five sample ladies placed strategically throughout the store.  I sampled catfish and then immediately needed to eat a white-fleshed fish dinner. Try saying that five times fast.

We purchased New Zealand Orange Roughy, which was an endangered fish when I tried to order it in South Carolina.  In Texas it was on “sale” for $11.99/lb.  The jury is still out on our moral decision to purchase, but really, someone was going to buy it!

Orange Roughy is one of the best fillets in my opinion.  It does not need to be cleaned, the meat does not have dark spots and weird veins and it is soft, flaky and sweet.  I sautéed the half of the fish with a chili pepper/cumin blend and the remaining half was lemon pepper.  The fish was served with microwave-steamed broccoli, quick ten minute brown rice, and a glass of Llano Vivianna.    I was slightly upset about cooking after a long day and while very hungry, but in reality this meal took maybe 20 minutes.  Take that, Rachael Ray.

Side note – can anyone tell me what jeggings are?



And why they are being advertised for women.  Are you serious, Target?

I might have to go try these on and report back.