Ahhhhh…finally back to a real computer and Windows Live Writer.

When I left off, the Healthy Living Summit was just beginning. There was still a day full of breakout sessions, discussions, food and fun. 

I wanted to put some of the tips shared in the photography session to use, so I broke out my camera.

Why I photographed a Frito bag, I’ll never know.

I was experimenting with white balance, ISO & the macro button, even though my camera is just a point-and-shoot.  I was a macro virgin, so I was excited to play. (TWSS) The macro button on my camera looks like a flower, and creates a clear focus with blurry background photo.

After two sessions, it was lunch time.  I was too overwhelmed with food choices to even think about photos!  The HLS committee had planned an amazing buffet – I had a grilled vegetable and provolone sandwich with chickpea salad and fruit salad garnished with mint, all on a bed of mixed greens.  That mint did wonders!  Dessert was apple pie and a brownie, both pretty small bites.

The third session I attended was “The Ups and Downs of Blogging,” which I am planning on delving into a bit deeper in another post.  Next was yoga, or so I thought.  Jen and I walked in a little too late though because all the mats were taken.  We decided to just take a stroll near our hotel. 


Jen got this on the third try!  Also notice my blue tint.  Fail, Kendall, for leaving my white balance on a wacky setting.


White balanced fixed, we made time for some yoga in the park.


After Katie’s amazing speech ended the Summit on a very high note, we decided to take off for a quick photo-op at The Bean.

Me, Katie, Brittney, Jen, Rachel & Sana

DSC04103Chicago Sidewalk Chess Players

I’ll be posting a review of the Chicago Tastebud Tour and what I took away from the Summit shortly!

PS – I posted the wrong URLs for Katie and Rachel on the last post.  (sorry, girls!)  If you ended up at a sweet potato farm for Katie last time, you might want to try again because the links are correct now!