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Remember the sweet and cheesy popcorn from my Tastebud Food Tour recap?

After a challenge from Arnold & Oroweat to create recipe inspired by the tour, I knew I was headed in a Chicago-style popcorn direction.  Corn is in season, so I knew it would be easy to find in a fresh state, and most of all, at its devouring prime.

Triple S Corn – Sweet, Salty & Spicy


Ingredients for four servings:

3 ears fresh corn, grilled
1 medium jalapeño
.5 T butter
2 T chopped green onions
.25 cup feta

Just incase you weren’t raised in the sticks like me (Well it wasn’t really “the sticks." I mean I am from the Texas Panhandle where there are more churches than trees, but this is just the best way to describe a small farming town of 1,000.), I thought I would run through a quick tutorial of how to grill fresh corn.

Fire up the grill.  I totally guessed on this part, mainly because our grill is brand-new.  It’s a propane grill, so I first turned the “burners” on to medium-high and then shut the lid.  By the time I the food was prepared to grill, the grill was hot and ready.  *Note – Before grilling, turn grill off and grease grates with a vegetable or canola oil-soaked paper towel.  I used canola.  After greasing, turn burners back on and you’re ready to go.

Prepare corn to grill.  This means shucking the corn down to the final layer of skin, pulling the final layer back while leaving it attached, and de-stringing the inside of the corn.  Just grab the “hair” and pull – it doesn’t put up much of a fight.DSC04182

Fresh ear


Shucked to the final layer of skin, which is pulled back.  Then de-hair the corn.

Successfully shucked corn.

Next, you will want to soak the ears in a pot of water for a few minutes to keep burning of the corn to a minimum.

While the corn was soaking, I diced one jalapeño, added .5 T butter and wrapped in foil.  I de-seeded and de-veined the jalapeño, and the heat was actually perfect.


After draining the corn you are ready to grill.  I placed the corn on low heat and the foil ball out of direct flames.

DSC04191The next Bobby Flay.  Vegetables as the main course, though.

We also grilled some BBQ-rubbed chicken, which is what you see peeking out from the corner.

Even though the corn is on a low flame setting, you will want to rotate it every few minutes.  Nick actually took over the grill at this point, leaving the corn on for about 15 – 20 minutes.

DSC04194 Grilled corn with a Ozzy Osbourne haircut.

I would recommend waiting for the corn to cool, after which you will remove all skin from the corn.

Then take a knife (I used a steak-knife) and run it down each side of the corn, slicing the kernels off the cob.


I didn’t remove the burnt skin.  A few flyaways were picked out of the bowl.

Next, add the cooked jalapeño and chopped green onions into the bowl and mix.  Top with feta and serve.

The grilled corn was perfectly sweet and fresh, and the jalapeño added a nice smoky kick.  The feta made all the difference, per usual.  It’s my go-to kick-it-up-a-notch flavor.

Have you ever grilled corn before?  Do you like my take on Chicago-style popcorn?