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Casseroles are a great way to get rid of leftovers that just won’t go away.

1 cup whole wheat pasta
1 cup cooked lentils
couple of slices turkey breast, shredded
.5 cup marinara sauce
2 tbsp shredded Mexican cheese
3 slices gouda

Mix first five ingredients together in a casserole dish.  Microwave for 3.5 minutes.  Add gouda layer on top.  Microwave for another 30 seconds.

Sorry, I know you know how to microwave and melt cheese.  I had an OCD moment and just had to type it out.

This was okay.  I could’ve done without the turkey addition, but the lentils + cheese rocked as always.

Unpictured garlic toast was served with the casserole-mess, which Nick thankfully finished off.

Tonight’s dinner was a whole ‘nother ball game. (Is that correctly spelled/worded?  I’ve never typed out ‘nother.  Strange.)

Roasted Chickpeas, Sautéed Squash & Romaine Salad with Avocado

For the chickpeas:
2 cans garbanzo beans, drained & rinsed
.5 tbsp olive oil
    -Ground Cumin
    -Ground Cayenne Pepper
    -Chili Powder

Mix all together in large bowl until chickpeas are coated, line cookie sheet with foil and spread chickpeas out onto it. Bake at 425* for 20 minutes.

For the squash (serves 2):
3 small squash
1 t. olive oil
.25 t. beef fajita seasoning

Sauté squash on high heat until it begins to turn a golden brown.  Turn the heat down to medium and let it cook for about 10-15 minutes until soft, tender and sweet.

Just romaine and half of a sliced, small avocado here.  Drizzled with Kraft’s Olive Oil Greek Vinaigrette. 

I’m just as big of fan of squash as I am zucchini, and by glancing at my tag cloud, you know that means a lot.  Next summer I’m planning on planting enough squash and zucchini to cover my entire back yard.  Nick won’t have to take care of the yard, and I can eat squash for every meal.  Win. Win.

Summer squash has a sweet buttery flavor that sautéing really brings out. If squash isn’t a vegetable you normally eat, I suggest you try this as soon as possible.