1. Nelly has a new song for the first time since 2005, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I am sure that I know every word to Country Grammar

2. Did you know handwriting can clue people in to your personality?

I was scrolling through the list thinking they couldn’t pinpoint my personality through handwriting.  Wrong.  Cinderella, I am. Although I don’t agree with the description.  You vote – BS or not?

3. I saw the trailer for You Again today, and I think I will probably laugh my way through the movie.  I need a good laugh, mostly because it’s my favorite core exercise.

4. I just asked Nick his favorite song right now and it’s titled perfect girl.  I think he was just trying to be smooth.

5. Would you please tell me why I should pay a yearly fee to IRA advisor when I have not even made back my full starter investment from the stock hurricane of 2008?  This is not fair.  Life is not fair.  I should not be worrying about retirement cash at 23.  Just let me retire in a World Market store and I’ll be happy as can be.

Oh, and the advisor has not advised me in the past year.  Just sayin’.

6. I had froyo tonight after dinner.  Half business/half party…. aka toppings including strawberries and blueberries for their antioxidant value, but I did have my fair share of crushed Reese’s Cups and sprinkle-covered chocolate chips.  Froyo flavors included: birthday cake, peanut butter and plain tart.  It’s all  about balance.

I thought I had a picture, but my Facebook photo library (or lack thereof) ate it.

7. I am having an internal debate between organizing my life online or offline.  The act of writing something down seems to add more substance than typing it into an online calendar.  I think I just want a new planner so I can possibly let go of my oldest planner currently in possession (I’ve kept the last two from college.)

8. September is going to be full of strength-training and watching my sugar intake.  I know you’re as glad as I am that my goals start with an “s” like September does.  Clever, I know.  More on those thoughts in September.

9.  If you are still with me, major props.  I would give you gold star if I could.

10. Milo says hi! She’s hanging out on my lap right now so I’m typing in a pretty awkward position.  Typical cat owner story.

I know she doesn’t look thrilled to be featured on the blog, but really she’s just shy.