Guess who won the “I don’t want to wear red just because  Tuberville said he wants me to wear red” fight? 

Better luck next time…I still don’t think red is my color.

Here we are with 5,000 of our closest friends waiting for the Raider Walk, a new pre-game event Tubs (i.e. Tuberville) wants us to commit to.

Okay, it was pretty awesome to have the band stroll through, followed by the cheerleaders, pom squad, football players and the schemer himself.

Let’s get down to business, though.  The only reason I’m posting about my Texas Tech v. SMU tailgating/game watching craziness is to show you this contraption.

Yes, apparently everything is bigger in Texas.  Including ridiculous flatbed trailer cookers (also known as a grill in other parts of the country).

I should have taken more angled shots.  You could’ve fit a whole pig in the main cooker, and on top of that two small pits were attached to the front.  Check out the fajita bowls on the side on the trailer.  And the exhaust pipes?  Who does that?

Okay, so not everything is bigger.

Dear Hibachi Grill,

I would like more than 3 small leaves of lettuce in my salad next time.