A few nights ago Nick used the grill for the second time to cook up some hamburgers.  Oh don’t you worry, we haven’t turned it on since.  We’re trying to limit our grill time as to not go grill crazy.


The burger was okay. Honestly, it kind of grossed me out.  I’m weird like that sometimes.  I was defrosting the meat, and I got a whiff of a strange meat odor which never left the entire meal.  It definitely wasn’t Nick’s fault.  I think our beef just had a case of bad freezer burn.

So, lets talk about the star of my plate.


Sweet potato fries. 

I think the only thing I’ve every read in blog land is “cut ‘em and bake ‘em at 425* for 20 minutes.”

That never worked for me.

You see, I adore a crispy, slight burnt sweet potato fry.  When it gets crunchy, it actually mimics a fried fry, which is my ultimate goal.

Plus, out of the entire stock of sweet potatoes in the grocery store, none are smaller than my head.  Also, because I am practical and have a pre-owned knife set (or two?!) that still “works,” I feel no need to purchase nice, new, sharp knives.

Larger than life sweet potatoes + dull knifes = scary potato chopping situation.

My solution: Peel sweet potatoes.  Poke holes in potatoes.  Stick in microwave for about three minutes until they are just hot enough to burn your hand and about halfway cooked.  Remove sweet potatoes from microwave and let cool slice into fry strips, while holding potato in place with fork because you aren’t patient enough to let it cool.

Then bake for 20 minutes at 450*.  Or broiling.  Which ever is faster.

I need to slow down sometimes.