1.  I’m the weird girl jumping up and down and grabbing all Larabars in sight.

2. Ironic that It’s Turn Off Your TV Week during fall premiers? Sorry, I’ll turn my TV off later.  I’ve got to watch Glee, Biggest Loser, House,  Real Housewives, Jimmy Johnson Survive Nature Survivor, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Aarti Party, 60 Minutes, Lie to Me, The Office….I’ll stop now.  I think my DVR might explode.  Can you get more space for those precious contraptions?

3. I’m on Harry Potter Book 5 right now.  I’ve been reading these off and on since around May.  I never got hooked on the craze as a child, but my boyfriend is another story.  Nick is obsessed with HP (obsessive is wanting to take the book everywhere until you finish, right?) and reread Book 5 – 7 in a two week span.  I have to finish the books before the movie premier in November!

4. No football game in Lubbock this week.  What am I going to do with myself?

Answer – yoga, shopping, eating, baking, organizing…ahhh free Saturday.

5. Emily’s kitchen inspires me to organize my bundle of stock bin goody bags.

6. Still obsessed with grilled cheese + jam sandwiches.

003 Lunch yesterday

008 Dinner today.

Plus green.009
And an egg with 2 whites.


7.  Mama Pea made laugh out loud.  Again.