I’m thankful for…

1. Making it to Book 7 (finale, yes) of Harry Potter.  I’ve spent at least six months with this crew, and I’m hoping for a good ending.

Harry, why is your chest hair showing? Not flattering.

2. Frozen chana masala.  This froze so well.  Pop it in the fridge from the freezer the night before you want to eat it.  I might become the master at freezing and reheating meals…or bread.  Is your bread about to go moldy? Freeze it in it’s normal packaging and then microwave defrost piece by piece.  I usually toast it also, but I love toasted bread.


3. This song.

4. Being able to spend time with family and friends this weekend.  My mom is coming in for the Texas Tech football game!

5. The Yoshi Blade, which was purchased from Bed, Bath and Beyond or as my dad refers to it, the As Seen On TV Store. It’s ceramic, pretty and a nice change from the one knife I always chose to use out of a drawer full, which I think is actually a filleting knife.

6. A cat that cuddles under the covers at night.  Even if it’s only because she’s cold. And I’m not mentioning how I freak out and wake up each time she nestles her way to the middle of the bed (yes, under the covers) because I’m afraid she will suffocate. 

7.  The ability to step away and take a break, but be able to return to this blog at any given moment.  Thanks for sticking with me!  Food will surely follow…