A weeks worth of photos. Because everyone’s doing it.

1/1 – 1/7


Best fuzzy slippers ever. Via Target.
[I discovered Instagram! Now it takes me 15 times as long to take a photo because I need to try all the filters.]


All birthday presents should have some part that happens
six months after your birthday. Coldplay in June!


First run with my fancy-pants Garmin watch. It times me, tells me how far I’ve gone, translates my pace aka kicks my butt into gear in the last mile, speaks French/Spanish/Portuguese, can name any song, and reads your mind.

I’ll let you decide which of those is a lie.


Looks like a good book. Added it to my “to read” list on the iPhone.


Mini Beyonce gets some window time.


I call this reflective froyo. So artsy.


A token Milo photo because I missed a day. She’s really at my parent’s house right now, but I feel like I have to include a cat photo for this to be realistic.