I’m one week in to the 838 daily challenges I decided to take on in 2012. Planning out daily tasks to check off a to do list is what I live for. Slightly dramatic, but it works. Also, maybe a little Type A, but I swear there is nothing better than marking something off a list.

I take back the claim about 838 daily challenges…that would just be setting myself up for failure. Six sounds better, right? (Still sounds like a lot…)

1. Photo a day. Same deal, different person, different year. I’ve never attempted this before, so I’m confident. I’m not blasting my daily photos to Facebook like others because we all know I have Milo photos for just that purpose. Rather, I am posting a weekly roundup on the blog.

2. 2012 Declutter Calendar. Right up my alley. And Beth gives fun “days off,” like “Be honest about which restaurant you want to go to.” Finally I can  remove the endless “I don’t care”’s from my vocabulary. I love getting rid of clutter. Probably too much. So far I have organized my spice/coffee/tea lazy Susan and cleaned off two cabinet shelves. Success! Goal is to just keep up and try to do most of these on weekends.

3. Thought of the day. Saw this idea on Pinterest, and I started a few months ago, but haven’t really kept up with it. I’m going to try to fill in cards (two months worth) and start again. Love the idea of seeing what you we’re doing on each day 10 years back. So nostalgic.

4. Daily cleaning calendar. I haven’t started this yet, but I think the idea (also via Pinterest) has some merit. [Example] I love when the house is tidy, but the problem is I let the cleaning go until I have to spend three hours on a Saturday scrubbing the floors and folding laundry. A little a day is definitely better than three hours on a Saturday. Anything is.

5. Food from fridge. In the last few months of 2011, Nick and I were so easily swayed to eat out. A lot. Plus, I just felt a little uninspired in the kitchen. So we made a little pact to only eat out one lunch and one dinner a week in the new year. (exceptions – work lunches, food that we don’t pay for, travel). Even though this goal does have savings implications, it’s really more about eating simple, good food and trying new things in the kitchen.

6. Running. Not daily, but three times a week is almost daily. Still following my half marathon training plan, so I think this counts as a “daily” calendar.

A lot to do each day. Big goals, but I know that life will go on just fine if they don’t get accomplished. I’m okay with it.


From Pinterest, who would’ve thought.